Sit Down.
It doesn’t matter that you’re uncomfortable next to that boy who keeps trying to put his hand on your butt. Stop squirming. Stay. Just slap him away. Boys will be boys, that’s his way of complimenting you. You should be flattered to have his attention. Just ignore him if it bothers you. Get over it. Don’t you dare stand up, you’re being disruptive. Don’t you dare scream, settle down, you’re overreacting. No you can’t move, your autonomy isn’t a concern, just deal with it. You’re going to have to your whole life, might as well learn young.

Shut Up. 
I don’t care what he said to you, he’s only joking. He wouldn’t really rape you and your “bitch” friends like you all “deserve.” He’s just venting. He’s upset that you rejected him, that his taunts and teasing didn’t make you want to fall to his feet and suck him off. It’s understandable, why are you so upset? What do you expect when you don’t give him what he wants? Freedom of speech and all, you’ve got to give him that respect. Just keep your mouth shut and take it. Ladies are seen and not heard after all.

Ignore the chills going up your spine and the curdling in your gut as his hand slides across your lower back, brushing just the top of your ass with his fingers. It’s your father after all and he needs you to stand nice and tall, look pretty for all the people he wants to show you off to. Don’t mind the hair on the back of your neck, it’s not important that you feel sick or that you have no rights over where or how you exist. A nice pretty prop, to complement his picture-perfect delusions. That’s all you are, an object to be used to make the men in your life feel and look good.

Sit down. Shut up. Smile.
That’s your place, be grateful you have one.

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