You sit on your ass
You sit until your legs go numb
You shift your weight and sit
First leaning to the right
Then leaning to the left
You fidget a little, squirming
But you still sit, mostly still
Like your waiting for the one
A moment that changes everything
All will fall into place: then
Not only will you not want to sit
But you won’t sit anymore
Even if you do want to
Some days, you sit like you need a good reason not to
You move about fast
You move so fast and so quickly
You tackle a to-do and move
Onto the next priority
Then onto the next task
You’re anxious a little, sweating
But you still go, go, go
Like you’ll make it somewhere
Better than right now or here
All will come together: there
Not only will you not want to move
But you won’t move anymore
Even if you do want to
Some days, you move like you have no good reason not to
But, then some days
You’re caught in the middle
You feel stuck when you move
You feel manic while you sit
Everything you do feels wrong
You stop believing what’s “right”
Some days you lose yourself
You can’t be found on the couch
You don’t recognize your to do list
This can’t be your life, it doesn’t fit
Ego dissolves and you’re left questioning
What’s worth it? What is worth? What is?
Falling down rabbit holes again
Some days, your very existence and all reason stop making sense

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