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Lunar Cycle Journal

Take a magickal journey, learning how to utilize the phases of the moon to enrich your spiritual practices

Discover rituals and bring more enchantment into your life

Inside the Subtle Magick Journal

You will be guided through:

New Moon

First Quarter Moon

Full Moon

Last Quarter Moon

With opportunities for intention and reflection each day

Utilizing seven key journal features:


“Few things are more magickal than gratitude. When we fully experience the magick of something, acknowledging its own miraculously abundant divine nature, we appreciate it – consequently increasing its value through our reflection of it…”


“… We have unlimited magickal source energy at our disposal. By failing to use our power, it is not diminished – it is misdirected.

Having a daily affirmation will help you take responsibility for your divine expression. Claim it, live it and manifest accordingly…”


“There are countless ways to think about goals, but for the purposes of manifestation and progress we will be focusing only on simply massive actions each day. These are just simple actions we can take towards our massive goals…”


“Corresponding with each day of the cycle, the journal contains nightly reflection prompts as well. These reflections serve to help you understand how the other Subtle Magick keys are working for you so that you can see your progress and make adjustments…”


“Unlike other journals and planners, Subtle Magick does not begin and end by a day of the week. Using this journal, you will be guided by the cycle of the moon…”


“You will be learning about a variety of magickal rituals, right as they are most advantageous throughout the moon cycle. These rituals have been kept simple and accessible for the journal, but please feel free to make them your own…”


“… Consistency can be an amazing tool for progress, but humans also need stimulation and inspiration to keep our energy and excitement levels high…”



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the next Lunar Cycle begins…

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blindfolded woman with a lit candle

You can manifest anything…

Including an elaborate belief system about manifestation that actually inhibits and prolongs the process of manifestation…

That’s right:

you are an incredibly powerful manifestor,
and you always have been.

So why don’t you already have everything you want? Because manifestation is merely the organic proliferation of your state of being, and you haven’t taken the time to consciously refine your energy to magnetize your goals and dreams.

The very concept of “wanting” is latent with the energy of separation from the object of desire.

To truly begin manifesting, you sort of need the “right” questions in order to get the “right” answers.

It’s more about holding space for miracles than a prescription for tasking desires into existence.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – 
you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

I am mayryanna Shakti

My personal journey – overcoming trauma, as well as the subsequent depression, anxiety and limiting beliefs it caused – led me down this path of remembering my magick.

As a result, I am a student of several occult modalities and regularly experience the abundance of spiritual engagement.

Having come through my own personal pain and turmoil, finding tools along the way that have facilitated restructuring my perspectives for freedom and bliss, I am passionate about sharing these “secrets” with anyone who’s seeking the same.

As a multidisciplinary metaphysical practitioner, I have enjoyed expanding possibilities for my clients for years.

It is now my sincerest pleasure to offer my discoveries in publications.

A great gift for anyone who enjoys exploring the esoteric

Want unlimited access to the features of Subtle Magick, including a print-friendly journal PDF download and the resource archives instead?

Designed to begin with the next lunar cycle


mayryanna radiates light, empathy, strength and love. She is one of the most magical and healing women I have ever met. Being in her presence, let alone in a Kundalini Yoga class or personal ceremony, I have always felt safe and understood...”

— Desaray T.

There’s something truly special about this work she’s doing and it’s beyond my comprehension… mayryanna is tapped into something profound, something beautiful through this practice of hers – I absolutely encourage everyone to be open minded…”

— Brady H.