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You can manifest anything…

Including an elaborate belief system about manifestation that actually inhibits and prolongs the process of manifestation.

That’s right:

you are an incredibly powerful manifestor,
and you always have been.

So why don’t you already have everything you want? Because manifestation is merely the organic proliferation of your state of being, and you haven’t taken the time to get to know yourself, let alone consciously refine your energy to magnetize like energy.

The very concept of “wanting” is latent with the energy of separation from the object of desire.

To truly begin manifesting, you sort of need the “right” questions in order to get the “right” answers. It’s more about holding space for miracles than it is a prescription for tasking desires into existence.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

I am mayryanna Shakti

As a multidisciplinary metaphysical practitioner, I have enjoyed expanding possibilities for my clients for the past three years. As a human, I have experienced a wide range of metaphysical manifestations throughout my life. My personal journey, overcoming depression, anxiety and limiting beliefs, ultimately led me down this path of remembering my magick.

Having come through my own personal pain and turmoil, and finding tools along the way that have facilitated the cognitive and emotional restructuring that ultimately allowed me to experience abundance, freedom and bliss, I am passionate about sharing these “secrets” with anyone who’s seeking the same.

Course Features

Community Ceremony

Our simple yet sophisticated 11-day journey will begin and end with community ceremony. We will kick off our experience of Subtle Magick with a New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony on June 10th, and we will end the course with a Summer Solstice Celebration Ceremony on June 20th. Participants are encouraged to schedule their first two personal coaching calls in the days preceding these events. Availability for these events will be discussed during the initial course intake call, but recordings will be made available “same day” for students who cannot attend live.

Personal Ritual

Each of our 11-days will begin and end with personal ritual. Utilizing a customized variety of metaphysical tools, each participant will have a short yet powerful morning and evening ritual to perform throughout the course. These activities will take as little as 15-20 minutes each, but can be expanded to the delight of each student. These unique rituals will be co-created and updated by mayryanna during each of the coaching calls.

Custom Coaching

Prior to the New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony, before the course begins, each student will receive a coaching call to prepare for the ceremony as well as co-create their rituals for the course. Another coaching call will take place mid-course to help students add to their custom personal rituals and prepare for the Summer Solstice Celebration Ceremony. The final coaching call will take place the week following the closing ceremony to identify ways to continue developing personal magnetism. Students will schedule these calls during their initial course intake call.


mayryanna radiates light, empathy, strength and love. She is one of the most magical and healing women I have ever met. Being in her presence, let alone in a Kundalini Yoga class or personal ceremony, I have always felt safe and understood...”

— Desaray T.

There’s something truly special about this work she’s doing and it’s beyond my comprehension… mayryanna is tapped into something profound, something beautiful through this practice of hers – I absolutely encourage everyone to be open minded…”

— Brady H.

Customization Options

Explore Polarity

Students will have the choice to work with energetic polarity, choosing either a masculine/activated or feminine/receptive theme for their manifestation journey. During their initial coaching call, they will explore these options with mayryanna, deciding together which approach will best suit their intentions for the course.

Engage Archetype

During the initial coaching call, after deciding on the energetic polarity they will be manifesting with, mayryanna will divine an archetypal guide for each student to work with during the course. Students working with the masculine polarity will have a dragon guide while students working with the feminine polarity will be working with a goddess.

Discover Tools

During their mid-course coaching call, students will be given an additional custom manifestation tool. Depending on their intention and progress, mayryanna will design a short Reiki, Kundalini or Divination meditation to be added to their morning and/or evening rituals for the remainder of the course.

Next Steps

  • Buy the course and schedule your initial intake call!
  • Begin customizing your course experience with mayryanna during your intake call
    • Identify and begin refining your intentions for the course
    • Decide on the energetic polarity that you will work with
    • Receive a simple divination reading and discover your archetypal guide
    • Schedule your personal coaching calls
    • Discuss availability for the community ceremonies
  • Receive course materials and discuss your custom personalized course plan with mayryanna during your first coaching call
  • Begin performing your morning and evening rituals on June 10th
  • Attend the virtual community New Moon ceremony on June 10th, or watch the recording that evening, to officially start the course and meet your fellow manifestors
  • Reflect on your progress and receive an additional customized tool to add to your morning and/or evening rituals during your second coaching call with mayryanna, at the mid-point of the course
  • Attend the virtual community Summer Solstice ceremony on June 20th, or watch the recording that evening, to officially close the course, share your progress and hear about the experiences of your fellow manifestors
  • Discuss the course and your progress 1-on-1 with mayryanna during your final coaching call in the week following the closing ceremony, during which you’ll also talk about ways to continue working with your magnetism beyond Subtle Magick

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