Got DRAGON nails for the showcase!

Still learning to work with them though! So, this is my attempt to sum up a lot:

I’m art-ing:

In process set peice

It’s been lots of fun! So has getting messages about an ongoing creative project that make me smile (more on this to come SOON):

Illustrations by Violetta Nyx

Super grateful, aaand can’t be bothered by subtle plan changes or other shenanigans.

Showcase is Thursday, I’m starting Kundalini teacher training next week and have my White Tantra workshop this Friday.

I’m looking forward to shifting gears and cruising into fall after this end of harvest BANG!

Oh. And I have plans for you my lovies. Yay!

For those of you that didn’t know, I was married once. He was someone I tried to save from himself, and I lost myself in the process. Still, it’s all been for the best, making me the woman I am.

So, here’s an old poem – from a past I barely recognize:

I fell in love with a con man

He was lying the very day we met

Told me twists and turns of detailed stories, only partial truths or complete bullshit

He’d learned the hard way, of that much there was proof, and so I went along hoping every last word was truth

From behind big blue eyes, he swept me away – what can I say, that con man’s words made me want to play his game

The way he loved me was incredible, made me feel like when he held me he was coming home –

Ecstasy soon turning into a bad trip, a deadly rollar coaster, but I still rode with him –

I fell in love with a criminal, a man who’d done what he thought he had to do, and he’d done it far too many times to realize he could choose –

The lies started to bleed and I began to feed on delirium, insecurity overcoming me making me come unhinged

Something about the way he laughed when he was truly happy, the way his eyes devoured my body and the touch of his hands!

I fell in love with a blue eyed devil, a class act playgirl fantasy

I let him lead me astray, keeping his secrets to this very day, despite his most brazen offenses against me –

I fell in love with a con man, how could I have expected any different?

I couldn’t blame him for his sorted past

Or the hurt little boy who was always staring back

I felt his pain, or at least the parts he wanted me to

I fell in love with a con man, and I always knew –

Yea, somehow I always knew, and I still laid myself bare, daring him to make his move and finally prove that the love he said he for me was as true…

Still, I knew… Still it burned, as his fiery heart consumed – all I had…

Ooh, I was conned by the man I loved – I listened and then got learned…

I thought I knew, thought if I could be bad too he couldn’t hurt me the way that he did…

I gave my innocence to a grand larcenist, ooh I watched as he drank me in and what came back out was stronger, but more putrid too…

Ooh that criminal, I’m that Casanova’s fool –

I learned to love from a con man – he taught me to trust and then how to break it bad…

Don’t you dare

Don’t you entertain –

‘Cause even though I may seem sweet and lovely – I can guarantee that you don’t want to play this game –

I’ve been tainted and mamed 

Ooh oh oh oh – run away

Here is the first of five poetic videos for mayryanna’s upcoming performance art set, Wanderlust. This is called Silent Movie Number One:

Stay tuned to Optimal Mastery and mayryanna’s social media for the release of Silent Movie Number Two, next Tuesday, October 8th.

Get your tickets to come watch the conclusion to Wanderlust at the RAW Natural Born Artists showcase, STELLAR, here in Denver at the Church Nightclub, October 24th from 7-11pm!


Upon witnessing
do you attempt to tame it
mame it
or do you let it be

Can you appreciate without
can you love without
or have you given away your

What are the ways you are
how are you beautifying
or do you give up grace for

Who are you when no one
who aren’t you that you try
to be
to hate
to heal
will you make a difference or

I’ve officially started prepping for my RAW Natural Born Artists Showcase! I’ll be performing LIVE for 10 minutes along side other cosmically talented artists, right here in Denver on October 24th. It’s all very exciting!

This is the biggest show I have ever done, and the potential to make an impression is HUGE. However, I have only ever read poetry live, I haven’t ever created a performance art piece and my confidence was rightfully modest. Still, there’s always a solution if we’re willing to look for it.

Potential Merch Design for the Showcase

To combat my own deficiencies, I’ve recruited help of various kinds and have found myself blissfully shocked at the reception I’ve gotten in doing so. Social Media marketing, set design, merch ideas and management, custom music, professional make-up and hair, unique jewelry, accessories and props – all made generously available to me by my amazing and beloved tribe! I’m so full of gratitude and appreciation right now I could burst!

Gotta love those tribe vibes ❤

I couldn’t imagine being more excited about this opportunity, yet, with each additional contribution from my family and friends my excitement only grows even more. I think this is what was meant when it was said, “a candle’s light is never diminished in sharing its flame.” Well, we’re certainly going to be burning bright!

Another potential Showcase merch design

Come see what we end up co-creating at the Church Nightclub in Denver, from 7-11pm, Thursday October 24th at the STELLAR Showcase! Buy tickets through my RAW Artists profile to support me directly, or feel free to pick another artist that speaks to you! When supporting art, we all win.