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A Prayer of Surrender

take out forgotabout

things tucked behind

in corners undusted

crammed into shapes

foreign to themselves


remember the ways

hope clings to truth

look other directions

away and far passed

promises to be better


fail 10,000,000 times

leave off fear of fear

releasing ego’s karma

forgiving to be forgiven

accepting I’m ALL too


as simple as breathing

taken for granted, yet

persistently graceful

free of conditional love

always fully available


accepting the opening

allowing the trembling

aching to move, meant

massaging the pains in

integration of my fall

Not getting much better… Yet.

Well…. At least I got it posted TODAY, right? Might have taken 3 tries on the production but at least uploading went smoothly!

Touching on some things that have been making me feel caught in-between or static of sorts… Yay for verbally processing through it with ALL OF YOU!

I tend to work on my turmoil just beneath the surface. At the roughest points in my life, my family and friends knew next to nothing of my struggles. I’m working to get past that, put it all out there and unshamelessly proccess through my otherwise unnecessary shame… Baby steps for now… But who knows what I’ll be getting into by the end of the month lol!