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Dominical in Pictures

Quaint little surf town: Dominical, Costa Rica
Friends on the beach, hard to beat!
Jordan greeting the ocean
The local fruit truck
Dominicalito’s waterfall swimming hole
So refreshing
The beach at Dominicalito

Beach selfie
Beach posie

Adventure buddies make my world go ’round

The main drag of the one-street beach town Dominical

Forever the place where I started learning to catch waves
Thank you Dominical!

Family Time

Today I got to spend time with my mom, niece, nephew and sister. Mom and the kids got season passes to the amusement post in Denver and invited us Aunties along to use their free friend passes. I hadn’t realized until I got there that I hadn’t been in at least 10 years.

Most if our time was spent waiting in line for rides. Something I had forgotten the extent of in my decade away, but it didn’t matter. We were all there for more than the rides.

I enjoy spending time with my family. They are all some of my most favorite people in the world. When in line, we visited and talked among ourselves, making the amusements just the icing on the cake.

I’m so grateful for the relationships I have with my grandma, my mom, my sisters, my niece and my nephew. I feel very enriched for having so much love and support in my life. I certainly enjoy living and supporting all of them too.

Image: Internet