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The Whirlwind that is My Family

The house is poppin’! My sister and her husband who are missionaries in Macedonia are home for a few weeks as of last night. My youngest sister brought them up to grandma’s because they’ll be staying with us. Then today my mom, brother, niece and nephew also came up, so there’s 9 of us total sleeping in the house tonight.

My family is fun, and loud, and silly, and spunky, and invested, and close, and interesting, and diverse, and feisty… When we get together, it’s an experience.

So here I am, not exactly wondering where the day went, but marveling at how fast time disappears when we’re together. I’m so grateful, for each and every one of my quirky blood-mates. Wouldn’t trade our madness for the world…

But I’m also very tired now – so goodnight!

Sunset from the overlook

Abruptly Struggling

Came home from vacation to a bit of unsettled energy. Grandma had a heart attack last week and that had reverberating effects throughout the family. She is fine, at home recuperating, and we are all thankful.

I’m not sure if it was the looooong travel days, the shift in environment, or the difficulties at home, but I have been struggling with the blog this week. Whatever the reason, I’m determined to get back on track this weekend. So, bare with me…

Despite it all, I am at peace. That alone seems to be helping calm my environment and my grandma’s mood at home. I’m so grateful to have engrained this new found superpower on my trip – I had no idea how beneficial it would be to not freak out over things.

Certainly more about what I’m learning to come…