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Divine Mother

creeping, subtle darkness
wrapping itself around corners
shadows ever dancing
in possibility’s periphery
endless, waving waters
churning, foaming mysteries


enveloping, consuming earth
gritty, uncontained and saturating
she’ll take our light again
penetrating, but never scarring her
collecting all our debris again
not drowning, but letting them float


shapes shifting as they flow
movement’s unconstrained freedom


accepting our crimes like our dead
digesting histories, creating futures


wonder at her many marvels
fear her for her unlimited power


those things we hate her for
inspire, intrigue and animate us
forgetting our fragile dependence
while still suckling at her abundance


lucky she is so much more than us
all our greed could never diminish her


she gives for the being taken·
allowing our imaginations to refine
she lives among the forsaken
comforting the hunted in her arms
deeper still than the sky is wide
collapsing endlessly into fragments


no matter how we try to avoid it
we all return to her when life leaves us

More to come


enter: old friend with recording equipment, DJ tracks and time for tuning around

enter: throwback acoustic tracks and some of my forgotten poetry

enter: full moon vibes, Tarot and Reiki, discussing projects too big for this world… Yet.

capture: manifestation in action

capture: utilization of ancient powers

record: crystalline refractions of meaning’s sound

::END –