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Blessed Beltane!

As fate would have it, I’m spending Beltane (today) through the Taurus new moon (Saturday) on the road, attending a festival, to read my poetry and some other spoken word, accompanied by one of my oldest and most creative friends. Seems just right!

Didn’t want to compromise my commitment to this blog or stress about posting from the road like I did on my last trip, so I’ve been preparing posts ahead of time… Meaning I’ve also been pondering Beltane… Wondering my misty mountains, filling my soul with the sights, sounds and sensations of spring… And of course, writing poetry:


feels cold and dry
skin pulls tight
eyes and nose water


the tips of
fingers and toes
feels soft and light
snowing so little
like crystal fairies
the corners of
lips and cheeks


feels strangely quiet
fog muffled sounds
failing to carry far


breath tucked in
holding to hear


feels so intoxicating
crisp, delicious spring
penetrating my soul


heart beating in
the rhythms of


and noticing the small blessings

Finding this assertion of life was such a charming and delightful surprise to me, I hope you enjoy too:

May your day be filled with the little glories and the big joys as well! Blessed be my beloveds!

A glimpse into my mind

“Is 6:45 early enough?” I wonder, quickly calculating that my Sadhana just took about an hour and 15 minutes.

“I could push it up, maybe to 6:15?” I think, glancing at my phone to see that it’s now 10:55pm. “Closer to eight hours if I leave it…” I briefly consider if I’ll go to yoga class in the morning before remembering that I’m waiting to see if we get as much spring snow as they say…

“I could still make it regardless,” I finally admit to myself and decide to leave the alarm set for a quarter to seven.

“Since when is getting up before seven not early enough for me?” I laugh, suddenly realising how absurd this sutuation would have been to me at every other stage of my life. I had never been an early riser, especially not voluntarily.

Smiling, I think about how easy it was getting up at 5:15 earlier this week to work out with my best friend. I feel satisfied in a deep and thorough way… “I’ve worked hard for this.”