Too long have I listened

confused and turned
by each passing tidbit
that might be learned
while ignoring the wisdom
evermore echoing within
Too long have I waited
tending to the past
planning for predictable
falling into old patterns
while allowing life to go
flowing by my expectations

This is my intention oh Mystery

to give all I am to life’s bliss
Even when love comes in misery
to persevere through each miss
Shedding ego’s morphing skin
becoming less, embracing more
Inviting Nature’s true power in
stepping fully into my lore
Love me as I love you Beauty
enchanting me with deliberation
In every delightful depth of me
bless me with primal consecration

Closing the eclipse portal

barely glimpse completion
at angel hour
Existing only to change
transforming evermore
recycling opposites
Waving lunacy’s rhythms
from earth’s black shadow
felt while hidden
Tugging at the spirit cords
attachments and limitations
signaling irritation

I’m not sure what to feel

Like you have an option
So what is there already?
You have to dive in deeper
Can I plead for a hint?
Go right ahead – wrong question
Please help me make sense
Will it make a difference?
I’m trying
I just want to let it all go!
So let go

Stillness amidst chaos
A black hole’s gaping mouth
Whispering to a lover
Feeling the need to run out
Glimpsing Divine mundane
Making a passionate plea
Promises unable to keep
Stranded, far from the sea
When thirst becomes pain
How it feels to boldface lie
Why soul purges by crying
What’s heard as one dies