Up again

at 3am

the witching hour

That time of night

when the air softens

I’m tired but restless

tossing in my bed

decide to surrender

The wind


is blowing hard

The cats crazy

feeling what I do

Chimes relentlessly whip

tree branches smacking

sure sounds wickedly wild

The moon

new born

only just this night

The universe

longs for intention

Sky a deeply pierced black

punctured by starlight

lulling out the magick


I feel

the helpless call

Siren of soul

drawing Spirit on

To dance? To sing? To scream?

All and even more

as I’m enchanted whole

Felt before it was seen
fall came quickly in chill
Nipping at bare necks
pulling arms in close
First, only at nightful
now, creep’n mornings
Soon whole days gone
overtaken by dimmer
The trees held strong
but only made a week
Leaves first dulled
now becoming yellow
It’s suddenly obvious
this gradually subdued
Wishfully grasping warmth
won’t help us keep it around
Perhaps it is rebellion
the oranges and reds
Nature’s final protest
before playing dead
Yet, the season’s slow
seduction pulls us in
Somehow fridgedness
kindling hearts instead
We will wrap ourselves up
in cloaks, coats and others
Gathering ’round hearths
defrosting hopes for summer
Comforting with food
drinks and hearty laughter
These changes herald cold
but they mustn’t bring bitter

Pachamama said to me:
untame your heart and set it free
let it grow: wild and strong
destroying fences you’ve built so long
You don’t have to know
You really could not ever understand
So don’t keep hurting yourself
stop pretending it’s all up to you in the end
You were never meant to be everything
and then some
You were never meant to bleed so desperately
trying to win some
You are a child of the moonlight and ocean –
You are a spirit of stareshine and splendour –
You’re a body of pure salt and ruddy minerals –
Sophistication has nothing on simple
Ritualization has nothing on tranquil
let it be, set it free, give it up and you’ll see
Life is beautiful – if you stop making believe
trying so hard to deceive, pretending that
you’re “good enough” for role that’s murderous
My baby, return to me –
Learn the meaning of Blessed Be
Learn to forgive them
most importantly, to forgive yourself
and then some –
I could not look away
It is not only a sight she takes
but in wind, in my body and in my mind
Like she is me, learning to come alive –
Pachamama carry me
I am frightened of the way
It’s not that I don’t want to go
but I’ve been taught how to be afraid
As my intuition, she echos back:
My dear, you’ve always been in my hands
I will never let you go
and this is why you’ll never fade
not for glory or twists of a fate
but by the destiny I proclaim
I have given you my all:
everything, and then some
My darling, learn to love the fall
I will always be your coushon
With tear filled eyes I hugged her breast
Saw, for the first time, I am a part of it
Twisted tendrals winding in and out
seeming together Pachamama and myself
With her heart beat, vines like vanes fed mine
Flowers blooming innumerable accross skin
Lush green nourishment abundantly shared
Why had I been trying so hard to be separate?!
Pachamama felt my pain immediately
and within our shared rhythm comforted me
No words or song or thought, only feelings
and with her strength I found my healing
This is my part but it also my whole
I am not but an individual, not truly separate
I am but a peice of life learning to love itself
and for purpose, I need all of you to achieve
Without your love of yourself you are starving
Without your freedom to make nonsense
without your joy of the life you are living
without the connections to the rest of us
we are all dying
Remember us