nature, Poetry

These Changes

Felt before it was seen
fall came quickly in chill
Nipping at bare necks
pulling arms in close
First, only at nightful
now, creep’n mornings
Soon whole days gone
overtaken by dimmer
The trees held strong
but only made a week
Leaves first dulled
now becoming yellow
It’s suddenly obvious
this gradually subdued
Wishfully grasping warmth
won’t help us keep it around
Perhaps it is rebellion
the oranges and reds
Nature’s final protest
before playing dead
Yet, the season’s slow
seduction pulls us in
Somehow fridgedness
kindling hearts instead
We will wrap ourselves up
in cloaks, coats and others
Gathering ’round hearths
defrosting hopes for summer
Comforting with food
drinks and hearty laughter
These changes herald cold
but they mustn’t bring bitter


love to All

I was taught to fear
the other

never knowing
it was always myself

I hated “them” for things
I remembered

about myself
things only “I” was guilty of

Yet, it was through others’
forgiving embrace

I discovered
how forgiveness heals

Turning their love inward
accepting myself

breaking free
releasing self-judgements

In these ways, I am saved
by others

once judged
by my own denied insecurities

So yes, I am healing me
not selfishly

but selflessly
knowing I must to love All