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A glimpse into my life…

My left thigh is tingling and warm

from soft kitten purrs, as loud as they are gentle

He refused to “say cheese” though

The room is cold, here in the basement

as well as quiet, dark and spacious

I can remember when this entire space

was filled floor to ceiling with miscellaneous

I feel connected to it in remarkable ways

And that’s just the basement –

My current home is remarkable


I feel home

Everything feels like home right now

What a difference a few years makes…

I used to be in a bad marriage

I used to be a chronic enabler

I used to recklessly abhor myself

Just years ago…

Don’t get me wrong, and if you read my blog you know

Things aren’t perfect…

They truly are better than perfect

This is why

My unalome/wanderlust mashup tattoo

That is to say, what it represents

They joy of the journey

Remembering to appreciate, even the bad

Even when life is chaos and you can’t breathe

If anything, that got me here

At least from that self-deprecating behavior of my past

But it does go deeper

To a time before I new how to be happy

And only grace got me through that

Om, beloved Divine, quest of my heart

Thank you, thank you, thank you my sweet, sweet loves – my beloveds – my sweet love, my beloved, my endlessly cherished One

In all the ways my devotion has blossomed

I have been endlessly blessed

And if I had not strayed into the depths of hopelessness

Would I have ever known the true heights of bliss

marijuana lullabies

have you ever felt

that sideways slant

where the you that you are

doesn’t match you somehow

motioning through goings

turning outside in

falling over scripts

forgetting to read

somehow all this

wrongness seems right

waiting on things falling apart

holding our breath

it might all kill us

we might survive

isn’t that existence’s punishment

forever presented with its demise

maybe it’s a ride

maybe not a game

maybe never to be won

maybe always just enjoyed

perhaps and perhaps again

forever echoing across time

what we resonate

mattering more than why

could we stop asking

the wrong questions

could we dare to try

collectively manifest a better life

celebrate different

encourage dynamic

appreciate the fact that we exist

marvel at the magnitude of bliss

such small problems

we endlessy fixate on

when faced with the boundlessness

of every expanse and beyond

can we trust, releasing

surrendering to divine flow

realizing that it’s all Ours

nurturing with grace

even on these days

when the one off is

ourselves, living a bit sideways

attempting to merge mind and matter

soul and substance

marijuana lullabies

devastatingly enchanting moments

tears of love’s vulnerable laughter