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Do You Think that You’re Beautiful?

I do.

And I don’t.

I love myself, I’m thankful to be me and to have my body, flaws and all. I love my playful mind, gushing heart, endless soul and timeless spirit… but I also have things I’m working on. Does it mean that I think I’m ugly? Sometimes, in some ways, but it’s not an incessant monologue.

I have goals, not because I don’t think I’m beautiful, but because I know I can provide even more beauty for myself, with myself, by learning and growing in genuine love for myself. Is being sedentary and having poor eating habits beautiful? No. Are defeated and defensive thoughts beautiful? No. Is emotional avoidance and projection beautiful? No. So that’s the kind of stuff I’m working on being aware and mindful of.

So yes, I am beautiful, but I’m also an imperfect human who makes ugly choices sometimes. I look forward to becoming more beautiful throughout my life as I honestly search for the astonishment of my raw glory. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to appreciate every bit of the ugliness along the way either…

That was a prompt…

Being alive and awake in this great chasm of space-meets-time is well enough to appreciate all imperfections as opportunities to marvel at potential-in-action

That was poetry flow…

P.S. soooo tired

P.S.S. so happy

P.S.S.S so fulfilled, blessed and honored – cooking meals, doing dishes, bringing family together in love… Editing, collaborating, studying… Sweating, pushing, listening – feeling like I’m gulping life down lately and still crave it’s bitter-sweet nectar all the more

That was an update!

Elk Creek Trail, Park County, CO

Insatiable Curiosity

Sitting on grandma’s couch, I’m distracted from the Hallmark channel romance playing on the television. “I need to dedicate a few weeks to the Amor Fati course, at least, then I can start my Astrology course…” The thoughts are scattered as I check emails and direct messages I haven’t gotten to yet today.

I consider writing myself a schedule, but I don’t end up getting to it before remembering I need to write a blog post today. Feeling somewhat uninspired, or perhaps just still distracted, I open my Paperblanks app for some help. Of course, the prompt that then jumps up on my screen makes me laugh a bit, “I want to learn more about…”

Well then. I guess it’s a theme tonight – my curiosity will in fact get the best of me after all.

I want to learn, A LOT. I already know I’ll be learning my whole life, but I’m not waiting to get started!

I’m passionate about many things, and fascinated by even more. Along with philosophy and astrology, I also want to learn more about herbalism, shamanism, neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, and various yoga practices. I’ve already started learning Reiki and am a level 2 practitioner, but I want to wait to finish my Master certification so I have time to develop my personal and professional energy healing practice first.

I also want to read, so much. Some of my current favorite authors are Pema Chodron, Alan Watts and Charles Eisenstein, but I have several books waiting to be read on my shelves by many others too.

Sometimes I feel the pressure of time, sometimes it feels like I will never have the chance to explore all the caverns my mind wants so desperately to venture down – but, I suppose that’s better than being bored and uninspired right? I’m certainly content to give it my best try!