sharp, shrill sweetness
lingering like perfume
saturating the heavy air
with saturated ground
dark hues beneath light
colors, making bright
the dull and subdued
with depths of imbibery
inviting you to sink too
to step a little harder
and walk a little slower
as your senses melt in
tasting the moisture
with every open mouth
breath, drinking down all
these precious pauses
time ceasing to persist
holding so effortless
like dialating to ingest
instead of consuming
your skin prickles at
the freshness of wet
not cold but not warm
a place in between its
listening to the sounds
of nothing to get to
humming the melodies
of forgotten temples
this is your Temperance
this place of abandonment
and the new life unfolding
finding this balance within

I went for a lovely hike yesterday through part of Arapahoe National Forest on the Upper Maxwell Falls Trail. It was a bit rainy but we dressed warm and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the fog enveloped mountains, the still melting snow and the other faint sights of spring that are emerging here in our Rockies… I hope you will too!

trees cloaked in mists and moss
dulling all sounds but bird songs
darkness overtaking the graying

silhouettes jutting through voids


rain hitting the canopies above

gently spraying our faces below



the giants fall to grow once more

each generation built upon decay


once the nobel elders dissapear

the young in turn become the old


roots entangling with one another

grasping and twisting for support


fairy castles tucked back and in

playful shadow laughter dancing
feel tommorows of futures past
feel yesterdays of pasts to come
time stands still as death remains
feeding life that is endlessly reborn


Rainforest After Sunset (American Pacific Northwest)

peaking through the trees
the ocean is grayed by the
humid, humid air between

my eyes and its water


blurs of black and green
foilage smeared like paint
accross these glass panes

glimpses of treasure within


deeper still we ride, rounding

corners and up over before
down and back and up again

hours will pass in these seats


it rains and stops and rains
but even when it’s not, it is
wet enough, it might as well

be raining all the time here


it is the “green” rainy season
after all – I wonder if the dry
season is really all that dry or
just less wet? Ponder wetness
ponder water, ponder the gray
waves and skies and clouds
ponder the green trees and

their hidden misty canopies


ponder pondering ponder –
Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma
sing to the trees and the

rain, say thank you to All