Purpose -ing

It’s 10 minutes shy of 5am on a random Thursday morning. I’ve been awake for a while now, at least a couple hours – I recall seeing the clock turn 3.

This happens sometimes, well, lately at least. I’ve had various seeping troubles my whole life, but the random early mornings is relatively new.

I’m watching Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth on Netflix. I like it.

I haven’t been so creative lately. After being sick last week I’ve been on a cleaning terror. I’ve almost entirely rearranged my appartment, broke out the carpet cleaner and have been deep cleaning some random annexes of grandma’s house. It’s felt good, but hasn’t left much energy for creativity.

This program has me thinking all sorts of creative thoughts though. I’m reminded of projects and inspiration still waiting for their time to emerge…

It’s such a strange feeling. To feel compelled to purge thoughts artfully in expressive and impactful ways… or something…

S’pose that’s a part of my own hero’s adventure though, my own personal myth… Not only being a creative, but learning what that means through each step along the way – even the not-so-creative steps.

Like how 1000% of my environmental reset has been focused on increasing my creativity/production opportunities within my space. You just can’t escape your fate I suppose… So I gracefully accept, as though it’s a purposeless early morning, and find a way to add value and perspective anyway.


What THIS Means to Me

Searching for some inspiration, I shuffled through the prompts in a journaling app. There were a few I felt no spark from, but I knew when I found the one. “What does personal development and growth mean to you?”

After all, this blog is called Optimal Mastery. It’s obvious I’m invested in progress, but I haven’t actually talked about what that means to me on the blog yet. Well, here it goes!

Optimal = better than perfect

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of optimization for years now. Ever since taking philosophy classes in college, I’ve wanted to learn more and more that allows me to live better and better. Sustainability, cooperation, appreciation – things that amplify blessings and benefits get my heart racing.

I don’t want to just own any home. I want to own a home with a negative carbon footprint, that’s completely off-grid and self-sustaining long term.

I don’t want to just do any work. I want to write, publish and create from around the world, on my own time, and still live more luxuriously than most.

I don’t want to be just any human. I want to be a person who’s learning and exploring each and every day. Someone who serves others, honors herself and invests in her convictions. Optimization, to me, means never giving up on my own personal best.

Mastery = getting personal

Mastery is the “how to my why.” Essentially, I believe optimization can only be achieved through personal mastery. Self-control, discipline, but also awareness, patience and compassion are all a part of it.

By committing to oneself, to master oneself, one commits to becoming both their own student as well as teacher. It requires life long recommitments too.

Optimization isn’t a static goal, and neither is the tool of mastery. It is ever fluid, its disciplines and devotions ever fluctuating, flowing and reforming as it is informed again and again through the awareness of presence.

A Lifelong Dedication to Refinement

In all, Optimal Mastery means I will never stop learning, growing and evolving. It doesnt mean I must be perfect. It doesn’t even mean I believe perfection exists. It does mean I’ll always be asking myself the hard questions.

I want to live a full and complete life. I want to leave it all “out there.” I want to test my limits, prove my strengths and develop my weaknesses past my comforts, conditions or excuses. I want to live my life on purpose and create intentional meaning.

So that’s what personal development means to me. That’s why my daily blog is called Optimal Mastery. That’s how you all got to be so lucky as to witness the messy art of my growing.