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Dominical in Pictures

Quaint little surf town: Dominical, Costa Rica
Friends on the beach, hard to beat!
Jordan greeting the ocean
The local fruit truck
Dominicalito’s waterfall swimming hole
So refreshing
The beach at Dominicalito

Beach selfie
Beach posie

Adventure buddies make my world go ’round

The main drag of the one-street beach town Dominical

Forever the place where I started learning to catch waves
Thank you Dominical!

Imiloa in Pictures

The deck off of the Heart of Imiloa
View of sunset from the infinity pool at Imiloa’s Bali house

My Geodesic Dome home for the week

The Heart – where food is prepared and served at Imiloa

Imiloa’s House of Masters

Waking up in the dome

Tracks in the cement
The tribe-sized family table

My friend George (was safely released back to the jungle after his visit)

Blooming fungus on the rope rails down to the Sacred Waterfall
The Sacred Waterfall
Jungle bamboo

Ganesha statue
The Apotheosis 4.0 tribe