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Tread Carefully

tread carefully along a path
that sticks you with its thorns
injecting poison deep into you
tearing you apart from inside


if you are called to wage war
do not waste time tormenting
playing little games with yourself
falling in love with believable lies


break free trom the temptations
turn away from your jealousy
asking why you are feeling this
instead of merely owning all of it


refuse to play the part of worrying
warrior – always looking to defend
creating the battles in your head
always losing on one side –


just listening instead, to your gut
heart and head, informed by soul
churning and burning deep within
glowing pure with immortal knowing
uncomfortable and demanding
understandably you resist a bit
letting the truth sink in past ego
watching your illusions dissolve


release the tensions on your heart
breathe deeper to fill and share
let go of expectations once again
tread carefully so as not to snare

A Modern Ritual

Today is quite the day for planetary shifts! New Moon in Pieces, Uranus moves into Taurus – Mercury just a day into its retrograde through Pieces… WOW.

I LOVE new moons, even more than full moons. As a barren woman I resonate strongly with the mystical qualities of abyss and void. I also really love Piecean energy as an intuitive and empath; the complete saturation of emotional energy makes me swoon with a poetic heaviness that permeates my being physically, mentally and spirituality.

Image: Internet

I’m also a cusp Taurus, so while the “innovator” planet Uranus moving into our sign to shake things up might greatly distress a true Taurus’ resistance to change, my bit of Aries fire has me SUPER EXCITED! I have no idea what to expect, but I’m ready to ride the wave regardless…

Starting with intention

This morning I began a 40 day Kundalini Sadhana commitment as a form of active intention. The kriya I’ll be working with is for Internal Balance and I am partaking in this with some friends for the benefit of accountability.

Image: Yogi Bhajan’s Library of Teachings

I also attended a Satori yoga class today in which we did a salutation to the new moon, also setting an intention of the more classical personal mantra/affirmation style. My intention is to activate a love of both personal awareness and discipline.

Refining for effectiveness

I have set intentions to “be more disciplined” or “have more self control” before, but I’ve come to realize that I am really very disciplined already… When I put my mind to something there is no question that I will do it… I just resent discipline and think of it as a “not fun thing that I have to do even though it’s basically miserable…” So, I am now seeking to shift my perspective of this characteristic instead. Hopefully this new mindset will help me find enjoyment in delaying gratification and developing perseverance.

I also included the awareness bit because I’ve realized that too often I don’t do what I intend to do not because of a lack of discipline but rather, because I’m simply distracted. Now, my poetic sensibilities and tendancies towards blissfully intricate mindfulness are certainly precious to me, but I’ve also got a lot of stuff I want to accomplish – I need to be able to hone in my focus more effectively. I hope to do this with increased awareness; to refine my mindfulness so that I can still get enraptured by my experiences, but also be able to maintain focus when necessary – and to be present enough with my own priorities to know the difference.

Gotta love that yoga glow!

Making it an expression

I also laid out a crystal grid, using various raw Quartz and Amazonite stones I collected myself this past week after hiking to a local vein. I do these intuitively and this one became a kind of sunburst or mandala.

I was drawn to a white candle earlier this week that has a rainbow running through it, and I added this to my crystal grid, lighting it intermittently throughout the day as I have been able to supervise it.

I get into a trance when I create these grids…

I also wanted to take a ritual bath but alas, I ran out of time today and have an early day tomorrow. A ritual bath is not something to be rushed through after all.

I did still indulge in a bit of self-care though. A face mask isn’t much but, it was important to me to include a bit of pampering in my observation (I am still a Taurus).

No bubbling cauldron or even sage smudging (though I did light a some incense), yet all of these things are no less magickal. I feel good about the impressions I sent out into the universe today; however small, practical and modest, they are no less powerful.

Image: Instagram, @moonbodysoul