So, I have been feeling a bit lackluster about the blog and website lately, mostly because I have been very busy. I am finishing up my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training this next month, just took on a small content writing gig and am still trying to downsize and get moved into my van as early as possible.

Needless to say I have been distracted. I have also been incubating a lot. Sometimes I am very expressive and have a lot of creative energy pouring forth without effort, but other times -like now – there so much going on internally that I feel like I am falling behind my own thoughts.

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So, instead of metaphorically kicking myself and forcing mediocre blogging out of me amidst these great changes, I am taking an official break.

Going off the Radar

I will not be blogging again until July 4th, which is Independence Day here in America. That will give me 40 Days of focus to get my life in order for my next adventure: campervanning the Great American West (with my kitties).

This will also allow me to start some of the behind-the-scenes updates on the website as well. I am looking forward to bring you all more organized, consistent and valuable content when my posts resume.

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With everything in my “real life” changing so much this summer, it feels appropriate to take the opportunity to adjust my “virtual reality” too. So to further promote this “fresh slate” energy, I’ll be stepping back from Social Media as well. I am especially excited for that, because everything online has been feeling more and more forced lately and I just want to get back in touch with me, my friends and my family here in CO before I set off exploring the country.

Gearing Up for Better

Another reason for this break is to help bring some novelty and excitement back into the blogging process for me. I really want to share my upcoming travel moments and stories in more thoughtful and comprehensive ways, but I’m fighting against my current lack of time and energy every step of the way.

Rather than continue to fight against my current reality, I am just going to let it be. For the sake of better travel and lifestyle blogging in the next few months, I am not going to force myself to suffer through mundane blogging during this time of preparation, planning and considerations.

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I am certain to learn some valuable things, but I can always tie what really makes a difference these next few weeks into my future blogs.

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