welcome to the journey
i hope yours will be long
shared in with many others
everyone you will ever meet
you will learn from – fighting
will only make it mutually harder
sometimes you will feel
other times you will tremble –
try to find out everything else
build for yourself a heaven
on earth for others to enjoy
giving the love you crave yourself
if it scares you its good for
your soul – always mindful –
the gift that is your body
define the world for your own
delight in it – giving meaning
making your spirit moan
you’re smarter than you’ll ever
believe – you have everything
there’s no true lack in the world
smile, often, just for your sake
also at every face you see – help
others find joy in existence
if you want something, know it
enough to build it up from not –
if doing for others, don’t hesitate
feed your true hunger, ask for
everything you need to make
dreams come true exponentially
magnify the beautiful things, even
when they’re wrapped in wretched
ignorance, grief, betrayal – find beyond
you are a newer gift to the world
your perspective pure – untamed
educate yourself with differences
every thought you have should
be examined by your heart, beat
out all the lies – repeat only truth
what is is and will always be
what isn’t can only exist if
perpetuated by a mind
live a life of moments – breathe
in with the laughter, reasons to
try, doing the craziest things

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