I wake up in the morning differently now. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, I’m reading and responding to messages of power. Across the world and right down the road, souls of great magnitude emanate their resound.

Little me all caught up in the glories of being in this synchronous network. I feel my magnificence increasing via my connections now, rather than diminishing from them, like I used to.

It’s not a matter of saying the right thing either. Our conversations span trauma, pain and resistance as well as healing, love and blessing. The wholeness of our brokenness with one another is a part of this community magick.

It feels like humanity. It feels like love – the way it was always meant to be.

It feels like encouragement with a side of reflection. It sounds like honesty about each individual’s perspective. It looks like people making a difference for one another – and it’s spreading…

This is the joy of my tribe, that it is not mine alone! That this transformative infection is so blissfully contagious! That the future is surely ours!

No, we are not perfect, but we also don’t require that impossibility from our love… We are real, we are raw, and we show up. We are better together and we know it.

The only thing I’m left wondering, is how long we will have to wait for this global tribe to become the new world culture… How long before we can truly embrace one another fully? Until then, this family simply can’t be done growing.

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