It’s not every day that my living space is overtaken by a mass of blankets and pillows. Granted, there is always an abnormally large amount of blankets and pillows around me at all times, but it’s quite rare they make up the mass in the middle of the floor…

Enter: Voluntary Discomfort practice for my Stoic Quest course. I am sleeping on the floor this week in order to cultivate more resiliency and gratitude. This is “easy mode.”

Medium and hard mode add the restrictions of drinking only water and then also eating no sugar, in subsequent progression. The idea of hard mode appealed greatly to me but after two days of inaction my ego caved and I committed to easy mode over nothing.

Surprisingly, I have been falling asleep easier AND sleeping better on the floor the past few nights. I’m not sure why or exactly how, but something about ths reduction in comfort makes me care less about being comfortable…

7 thoughts on “The mess in my living room

      1. I know. Its in my coffee, all the food I eat, snacks, everything. This is one challenge I don’t think I could do unless my life depended on it.

        I remember you saying you had done this as an addition to the 30 Challenges to Enlightenment. How did that go? Did you do it for the full 30 days?

      2. Yea and it was amazing, I felt so great! I wish I had never gone back lol 😒 I’m trying to remove processed food and sugar from my diet now for good though! No more inflammation for me! I’m tired of mismanaging my energy and feeling tired all the time you know?

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