December will start with a welcome reprieve from the last two month’s bustle. At least for the next week or so, we will feel like we are able to catch our breath and start to get ahead of our holiday to-dos. This month’s not without it’s own astrological and numerological punches though, so let’s take a look at what’s in store as 2019 comes to a close:

Mirrored Moon Magick

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th will have our minds kicking into high gear about this past year, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself flipping between many different perspectives about all that’s transpired. A full moon is all about illumination, and we’ll all have the unique opportunity to see things clearly, holistically and more unbiased than ever.

Interestingly, this reflective energy is mirrored in the 12/12 code (a double dose of which goes to those in the EST timezone where the fullness of this phase reaches its peak at 12:12am). If you’ll recall, 2019 is a 12/3 year numerologically, and here we see the 12/3 code doubled (or even quadrupled), on a night of a full moon in Gemini, the astrological sign of the cosmic twins.

What’s what and who’s who? It might even start to feel like your mind is locked inside of a carnival funhouse full of distorted mirrors. That level of mental disorientation gives rise to madness, but it doesn’t have to.

Have you done the work of finding your stoic tranquility and resilience this year? Have you found space within yourself where the expansiveness of truth and the brilliance of purpose do not have to be in conflict? Have you identified the values, habits and goals of your most sovereign and authentic self? Are you willing to part ways with those things that might be okay or fine, but ultimately just spoil your chances at true fulfillment?

If you haven’t figured out what keeps you centered and/or chaotic yet, you’re about to. Ready or not. The majority of this month will be dedicated to what’s settled after this year stirred everything up.

The Sun’s Rebirth

The 21st of this month will mark Midwinter, or Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. It will also mark the start of my own personal Pagan Yule Celebration that will run for 12 days, ending on January 1st 2020.

Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year, after which the days will begin growing longer once again. It is for this reason Pagans of all types held celebrations at this time of year.

In addition to the promise of a warming earth and next year’s possibilities of harvest, celebrations were held to encourage merriment and lift spirits among loved ones and friends during this dark and cold days. The traditions of decorating, feasting and gift-giving all combining to create what is even called the “holiday season” in modern times.

You too can reclaim this holy day season for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a time of consumerism and drama. Either join me on my journey of the 12 Days of Yule, December 21st – January 1st, or simply decide to make your celebrations and gift giving more intentional this year for yourself.

An Ecliptic Affair

The day after Christmas, on the 26th, we will have our Annular Solar Eclipse. This means the sun will be all but blocked from view here on earth by the moon in a cosmic alignment of these three celestial bodies.

This alignment will happen in the astrological sign of Capricorn and occurs each year around this time. This eclipse in particular has beneficial aspects with both Jupiter and Uranus.

Good luck, new opportunities and bold chances are all a possibility as we cross into the 2nd half of Yule celebrations and approach the new solar year. How will you be allowing the wisdom of your lunar sensitivities to inform and filter your own glorious solar power? What are the ways your inner truth can support the best of your outer expressions?

Get ready to start asking these questions and more as we shift from a more community centered perspective to a more individualized one after our Christmas activities come to a close. We’re all becoming more aware of how quickly time passes us by as we prepare to welcome the year 2020. What are you doing with your life? What had you imagined you would’ve accomplished by now and how did you think the world might be different?

It’s all as much about you as it is anything else. We are all a part of this reality we call life, contributing to it for better or for worse. In that way, our individual insecurity or empowerment has consequences that reach far beyond our own personal experiences. Consider your own alignments and their outcomes; you are cosmically supported to make a shift at this time, even a radical one, so make it intentional and dare to expand the blessings of your life’s repercussions before ever stepping foot into 2020.

Divinatory Conclusions

Source Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

The first card pulled for this month is one we saw last month as well, indicating our work continues. Even though the month starts off in a bit of a lull, we aren’t quite done with the deep, transformational process we’ve been undergoing this year. Calm seas can be deadly, just below the surface.

Integration is not only beneficial, it is essential. We must take the time to learn the lessons that have been presented to us at a soul level, only then will we come into our true strength of Spirit. Release the ego, more. Trust the divine, more. Actualize your enlightenment, more. Just be, more.

Find yourself by losing your sense of rightness. In this suspended fullness, get on a mat or chair and just sit. Explore the separation dividing you from source until it dissolves completely and you are left with only Truth.

Dignity, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

Our next card seems to speak to the energy of the eclipse and the call we’ve all recieved to embrace our sovereign selves. This is similar to the message of the Source Dragon card, but it turns the attention to the Source within as opposed to the Source as it might be outside of ourselves.

I believe it came prior to the last card as a reminder to carry this dignity and sovereignty with us into our holiday celebrations. Yet, we are not left without our lighthearted seasonal merriment either.

Orange Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

Our last card draw for the month is the Orange Dragon and brings a message that echos the purposes of Pagans past:

“Spread belonging, warmth and oneness. Bring people everywhere together.”

Orange Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

As we traverse the long nights of this dark season, towards the promise of the sun’s rebirth, let us not forget the light we carry within ourselves. We have the ability to be warm or cold, loving or cruel, marry or bitter. Choose for yourself, but choose with the awareness of how you matter and mean to others as well.

Blessed Be Beloveds! May your 2019 finish as spectacularly as your 2020 begins!

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