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The woods are eerily quiet tonight. The normal sounds of existence muffled by freshly fallen snow. It’s as if the whole forest is holding its breath.

The bright still-full moon lights up the landscape, reflecting off the angelic white caps on the mountains and trees. There’s a stillness that feels charged, lurking in between the shadows.

What are you afraid of when you are most vulnerable? What hides in the dark spots of your mind? This is to be our lesson this week: the value of Mystery herself.

The Great Goddess

The call was immediate, actually even premeditated – the Goddesses Knowledge Cards deck very adamantly insisted on being involved in the reading this week. I am watching my niece and nephew for a long weekend and they practically jumped into my hand when I was selecting my tools for this week’s reading. Again, just as I sat to do this reading, they wanted to go first!

Well, what can I say, when the Goddesses call I listen:

Diana – Goddesses Knowledge Cards

As the moon shines through the darkness and illuminates the night, so too Diana emerges. Fierce and powerful, she is a manifestation of the Triple Goddess and also governs nature and wild beasts. She is both a protector and a warrior, with the wisdom to be both compassionate and brave.

Without much initial intuition about her message, I then felt called to my Dragonfae Oracle deck:

Dreamcatcher – Oracle of the Dragonfae

Here again, a wild Dragonfae queen, of the night and moon – of course, but the why still alluded me. Are we to reflect on this past full moon, even though it itself was a reflection of sorts? Is it a message about the wildness, about the Divine feminine rising? If so, how does that apply to this week?

Illuminating the Unknown

With more questions than answers at this point, I turned to my trusty Shadowscapes Tarot deck:

Five of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

Ah hah! Beasts, so it does have to do with the rewilding? But what exactly? I continue:

Ace of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

More beasts! But the stark difference in their demeanor strikes the cord: this week is about taming these inner beasts. Now, what might these beasts be?

Five of Wands represents chaotic passion. There’s a lot of energy but very little direction. It can be overwhelming and demoralizing to have your dreams become your tormentors.

But they don’t have to be.

In the Ace of Wands, we can see how peaceful and contented the foxes can be. They are unified, with purpose.

Passion, these inner beasts, our clever and cunning whits – none of these are our torment. We are tormented by our chase, as well as our denial of these things. We get so wrapped up in whys and whats we become incompetent.

Alas, look at our beloved Diana, she too must take control and make hard choices. Ruler of the night, she reflects the light of the sun; protector of the wilds, and goddess of the hunt; she is both maiden and crone, both mother and Mystery. She represents the multifaceted divine feminine: beautiful, graceful and ferocious.

The Triple Goddess reminds us of our own versatility and resourcefulness. We have survival encoded into us and we have been making lives for ourselves long before convenience made us apathetic and weak.

In this modern era there is too much. Too much stuff, too much worry, too much distress. And it’s all interrelated. Diana, Dreamcatcher and our beautiful beasts are all here to remind us: we don’t need everything. So what do we need?

Shining a Beacon

Finally, I pull again from my Tarot deck:

XII – The Chariot – Shadowscapes Tarot

Here we see a powerful woman, riding a chariot pulled by unicorns, across the turbulent sea. The creatures all recognize her natural authority yet she does not persuade their attention, rather, she manifests their admiration.

She is a leader by virtue of her identity, not her deed. This is what we must also strive for, not that we might some how accomplish enough to appreciate ourselves, but that we might appreciate ourselves along the way to every accomplishment.

You have the reigns, so why aren’t you using them? Stop justifying things. Stop making excuses and looking the other way. Get to know those inner beasts of yours enough to understand how to fulfill their passions rather than fight them. Living your truth, shine bright no matter what shadows you cast or what darkness you illuminate.

Blessed be beloveds, may your week be full of the Goddess’ enchantments –

Weekly Divination: Dec. 16th – 22nd 2019

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