Coming into our last full week of 2019, the big event is sure to be the Annular Solar Eclipse and New Moon on the 26th. In many ways, we have been preparing for this all fall.

Now that winter is officially here, all of the reflections and considerations of these past few months are coming to a head. The time for deciding what meaning it will make is now.

Designing Destiny

Indeed, we are the meaning makers. No matter what has transpired, whether traditionally deemed “good” or “bad,” meaning is never fixed until/unless we decide it is.

This is why we all appreciate a good underdog story. When someone chooses to defy the odds and create powerful meaning in their lives, it reminds us of what is possible.

The true value of humanity is in our curiosity and creativity. Through ingenuity and diversity we are problem solvers and progress backers, it’s in our very nature. We are in a way, multipliers.

We take our experience and create data or understanding from it, providing feedback through our reactions, like user-testers of a quantum cosmic program. Our feedback influences the program, whether we are conscious of it or not, and there are far reaching reverberations of those effects throughout all of humanity.

The Nihilistic Paradox

I wrote a poem by that name in September, channeling and foreshadowing the work our spirits would be coming through this fall, even before the Equinox. Now here we are, being asked frankly: what will we make of our lives?

This week we are being challenged to consider our own creative power, and as you will see, much of it is in the smallest details. It’s really not so much about what happens to us as it is how we make meaning of what happens to us:

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

“Obstacles are detours in the right direction.”

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

Things haven’t been easy, so what? Is that what you’re really here for, an easy life? Do you truly believe that in an unjust world you are deserving of favor or fairness and ease?

We have to pull ourselves up out of our self-pity, and with a foundation of self-love and personal responsibility, we have to take back our world. It’s not fair, it’s not fun, it’s not easy, but the alternative is that we’re content being a bunch of whiney, manipulative and spoiled brats who sit around complaining about how we got the wrong flavor of ice cream instead of being grateful we got fucking icecream at all (this goes out to all my privileged, first-world homies).

What do we want to be remembered for and how are we creating THAT in our world? We are the meaning makers, without us doing our jobs and reclaiming our power, yes – life is meaningless.

Remembering Our Strength

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

“The key to prayer is to forget what I think I need.”

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

We reclaim power over what is or has been through our ability to make meaning, but we actually reclaim power over our future by releasing control over potential outcomes. Still with me?

See, this world has it backwards, trying to make meaning of futures before they have them, creating attachments and expectations, we’re all just setting ourselves up for disappointment after disappointment. We know that we cannot control what happens to us, and that it’s all meaningless until we manufacture meaning for ourselves, but we must also consider what can happen when we are projecting our power rather than applying it.

Sure, fantasizing about the future is fun. Our imaginations can run wild, unencumbered by the realities and conditions of the past and present – but we don’t make meaning in these ways. We can actually even drain the potential meaning from our reality by investing our energy into impossibilities.

This second card is asking us to suspend our projections of meaning on the future and instead place our faith back in the divine, knowing no matter what transpires we have still been given the ability to make whatever meaning from it we dare. That is true trust in the magnificence of an omnipotent creator, believing in our own fate, standing strong on our path, ready to face whatever might lay ahead without preference for “easy,” “comfortable” or even “fair.”

We must remember the strength of the Divine in us when we pray, and beg not to be spared, like unworthy outcasts, but rather offer ourselves fully to the path set out before us. We can be honored and take pleasure in whatever danger and difficulties may be ahead, knowing it is all testament to our Divine strength within.

Choosing Blessing

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

“I find a deeper meaning and personal growth amid the discomfort.”

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

We are only as strong as we let ourselves be. Whether we believe we can or we cannot, we are right.

It may be tempting to blame all our problems on things we cannot control, but that renders us powerless. We can live lives that are meaningless, we can sacrifice ourselves to the complaints and discomforts of being eternal victims, we can find as many excuses and justifications as we so desire. Or we can decide to be more.

As we approach this monumental day of intention, may we all remember our true power. May we all choose blessing in our lives and release our attachments to curses. Blessed Be Beloveds!

BONUS: the cosmos is just being funny now! Loved the succinct wrap up of this week’s Divination in this fortune though:

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