December starts off quietly as compared to the frantically full energies of both November and October. Everything feels delightfully slower and we are tempted to succumb to a sleepy tiredness during this brief reprieve.

Still, there is a persistent knowing, nagging at our lulled minds: Christmas as just 3-weeks away! There is so much to do and who will do it if not us?

An Enchanting Situation

Perhaps we cannot ignore the expectations, but we are being invited to further enchant our experiences all the same:

Magick, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

“To have magick in our lives is to remember it is real, profound and sacred.”

Magick, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

Perhaps it’s tempting to read the above statement with “magick” as the “real, profound and sacred” “it,” but I’d like to invite you to read it with “life” in that place instead.

Magick is nothing more than the recognition of the miraculous in all that is. Magick is merely the allowance for the divine workings of the cosmos. It bends and breaks no natural or universal law, but is in fact The Natural and Universal Law.

Invite magick into your moments this week. In stillness, appreciate the rich nourishment of solitude and silence. In excitment, take note of as many glorious reminders of life’s charms as possible.

You don’t need an ideal situation or environment, your life is magick. It can be as enchanting and fulfilling as you allow it to be. Dare to explore the intoxicating wonders that await your senses, should you simply decide to. In this way, even doing less can add all the more to your life.

Kindling Our Hearths

Fire Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

Another Orange Dragon appears to us, and much like the one that came through in our Monthly Divination, this Fire Dragon gives us tidings of community warmth this holiday season. In addition to the social curatives, this Fire Dragon brings additional blessings for us personally as well though.

Fire is the element of passion and creativity. It is powerful and active. Among its energies of manifestation, it also has the potential for destruction.

Allow this fire dragon to give you motivation and strength, but do not let your passions get out of hand. Use this refining and purifying potential intentionally in order to burn away the obstacles in the way of the magick you hope to create this coming new year. If you did the Sovereignty Ceremony for the New Moon last month, you can imagine burning up your “Spoiled” qualities as fuel for the passion behind your “Sovereign” qualities.

Utilizing this energy to burn up our resistance and fear, we allow ourselves to be transformed. Fuelling our hearths (hearts) spaces with these powerful flames, we are creating a warm and inviting place for our beloveds to gather in safety and love. There is no place for fear and rejection when we keep the fires of Truth and Love burning.

Preparing for Advancement

Empowerment, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

With all the excitement of a child, full of belief in every possibility, and all the wisdom of our most ancient guides, scarred by many lifetimes, we can embrace all that is this week and be empowered. Our value is inherent in our being, not in our doing.

We can all become more potent in our joy, and more contagious in our love, if only perhaps we readjust our standards and expectations. Allow the slowing of this week and new month to infect you, find new ways to appreciate and encourage the enchantment of the season. Show up for other people more than you shop, and take more time for yourself than you do for obligation.

Decide what self-empowerment means to you. Look for the ways “success” might be robbing your life of its magick. Burn away the spoiling and fuel your true sovereignty.

Rediscover the ways in which you are the authority in your own life and the blessings in the lives of others. ‘Tis the season to both accept our limitations as well as celebrate our opportunities, so let’s try and do a bit of both this week – it may be quiet, but it can still be purposeful.

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