Intuitive Divinatory reading for the week of November 4th – 10th, 2019:

A Call to Healing

The world can seem a scary place when we feel we are facing it on our own. These celestial blue dragons are here this week with a message: none of us are truly alone.

Perhaps we have learned to be distrustful because of trauma, betrayal or manipulation. Perhaps we have every good reason to lose hope, give up and settle on feeling sorry for ourselves. These dragons ask us to consider another option as well though: perhaps we can overcome.

“Hurt people hurt people, healed people heal people.”


The problem with settling for being a victim is that it makes others the perpetrators, and as long as we are looking for reasons to be upset, we will find them. Do you want to live in a world where you are always being attacked? If not, start standing up for yourself. Do you want to live in a world where you never have anything smart to say? If not, start reading more.

“We teach people how to treat us.”

Michael Morgan, Marriage and Family Therapist

These dragons are not trying to dismiss your pain or tell you to simply “get over it” either, they are challenging you though: to rise above. They see in you a power, the ability to overcome. They know that as a human, you have an incredible mind that can override the basic instincts of the reptilian brain, a heart that can exercise empathy and a soul that connects you to the Source – they are asking you to take full advantage of these magickal qualities and be all you can be.

Mantra for this Week

“In every moment the universe is conspiring to bring me toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love.”

The Universe has Your Back, Oracle Deck

In addition to healing, we are all being called to trust more. This is not easy work, which I feel can only speak to the faith the Source has in all of us. Do your best to extend grace, believe in the impossible and show up in your authenticity and vulnerability again and again and again… Commit to whatever it takes to create a better world and then start to live it.

Instead of excuses, offer yourself compassion. Instead of judgments, offer others blessings. Instead of apathy and inaction, offer the world your best – no matter how many mistakes, lessons or tries it takes to make that happen.

Tarot Reflections

Nine of Cups Reversed
Knight of Cups Reversed

With both the Nine of Cups and the Knight of Cups showing up reversed, we can expect all of this healing and vulnerability to be emotionally challenging. This speaks to the depth and intensity that is not only required, but also available. Deep, radical healing is on the line this week – will you pick up the vibe?

We must feel our emotions completely, let them run their course, honor them and release them. Don’t hold back, but don’t just explode either. This is about the process, exploring and experiencing our feelings fully, allowing them to teach us about ourselves.

We are healing, but that doesn’t make our traumas and pains obsolete. Our experiences can become the bridges between our healing and the needs of others. By being vulnerable, we open ourselves to assist others with their own healing, not through coercion or codependency, but rather through inspiration and example. Leading instead of pressuring. Lifting one another up instead of putting one another down.

In this way, our pain is the most valuable resource we have. Sharing how we are healing our own traumas is how we can heal the world’s trauma.

We can allow the emotions to flow through us as we decide to leave the pain in the past. Respecting and honoring how these experiences have shaped and changed us, for better or worse, and making the decision to heal ourselves – knowing that it is the first step towards healing all of existence. It is both bitter and sweet to live a full life – we are being invited to savor it all. Like grief itself – this process cannot be rushed.

A Message of Power

New Moon Fae: Soul Scrying

The final card for this week’s reading speaks to the possibilities of a truly fresh start for humanity. We have only just begun to awaken to the incredible potentialities of personal transformation and spiritual alchemy. We must fight for what we want, not merely defend against what we don’t.

In many ways, we have lost our true selves and much of what we are feeling in this revelation is a deep self-woundedness. Our aching souls can no longer be ignored, repairing our relationship with the divine within us has become top priority. It will be hard; our ego, conditioning and pain will try to get in the way at every chance.

Do not give up. Let’s all create a clear and purposeful intention to heal ourselves this week. Feel deeply, share honestly and dare to believe in our own magick again.

Divinatory Spread for 11/4-11/10 2019

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