It’s been a strange week, with lots of mental/emotional brooding, but I have had great readings! Even if it’s taken a while to get to posting them…

I’ve had the 2020 monthly cards drawn for almost a week now – but, it hasn’t felt like the time to share them quite yet. I’ve had this weekly spread done for a couple days now too… and I know it’s time for that, so here it goes:

Divine Reenchantment

Three of Pentacles | Shadowscapes Tarot

We begin our reading with the Three of Pentacles, which is also illustrative of this week’s overall energy/theme: “success is guaranteed.” Typically a great card for a career reading, this card represents the inevitable results of having a great work ethic. In this deck and for this reading though, it is speaking specifically to the Divine’s ineffable work ethic and how it is within acknowledgement of that Truth that we find our eternal assurances.

In the artwork we can see stars and a moon, all encircled and traced by the “dreamer,” who is also being lifted up by a supporting figure in order to create her art. “This, THIS is the relationship I want with you -” I hear the Divine coo from my center, “trust in my support and you shall be exulted to the place in which you can manifest your unique glory and purpose.”

The little chameleon perched on the shoulder of the supportive figure echoes the adaptability and omnipotence of the Divine’s ability to be “all that we need in order to thrive.” Should the artist insist that she must make the climb, support herself, balance her tools all on her own and only then be able to start her work – she may never make it. Our True destiny and Divine purpose will always require our dependency on the Divine, for the beauty we can create within the blessings of Divinity cannot help but eternally overshadow what we are able to do independently of that support and help.

We are being invited back into Divine communion, a place in which possibilities and purpose are endless – but it takes faith and trust to enter into this fellowship. In order to experience Divine reenchantment, we must first create and hold the space for the miracles and blessings this relationship will most certainly create in our life. If we are unwilling to see a way beyond that of our own brute force and skill, we are “forcefully” subjecting ourselves to the limitations of our own conditions.

Reunification and Saturation of the Divine Feminine

III – The Empress (reversed) | Shadowscapes Tarot

I have seen this card already, when pulling all the monthly cards for 2020 on the 1st – and she comes in good company (more on that later). There will be a theme this year of internalizing the Divine Feminine, and it is starting NOW.

We are all being asked to reimagine everything we think we know about femininity, but rather than using the internet, opinions and other knowledge external to us this reclamation will happen from the inside out. What we’ve been told, no matter how convincing, will never be the whole story – we have to tune in.

We must listen for the reverberating truth of Earth’s crystalline core as it vibrates through our own bones. We must wash ourselves pure in the ocean tides as they pull at the rivers of flowing blood within our bodies. We must nurture, tend and care for the communities of cells and bacteria that make up our physical being – with the same abundance and detail that our hospitable planetary home provides to us.

If we can sink into our beingness in these ways, we can truly reunite with our Divine feminine power. It isn’t about being subjected, dominated or used but rather, in discovering our own endlessness we recover the aspects of feminine power that contain our abilities to heal, nourish and support life.

An Ecliptic Call to Power

Nine of Wands | Shadowscapes Tarot

We have an Annular Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon this Friday, January 10th, which is conjoined by a Pluto and Saturn conjunction (the Sun and these two planets are all within 3 degrees of each other in the sign of Capricorn). This eclipse will highlight themes of both individual progress as well as familial and communal cooperation.

We are beginning to take note of the global interconnectedness of our lives. As the president of the United States seems to be posturing himself for WWIII and over a billion animals have perished in the devastating Australian Bush fires, no one remains unaffected. We are all afraid of nuclear fall out, we are all grieving for creatures that aren’t “our own,” and we are all realizing that there are no true islands of humanity – what we do as individuals will always affect the whole.

This card, with it’s own ecliptic imagery, resonates with the power of the people. Here we see an army of centuries, but they are reclining as watchmen rather than rushing into battle. It would seem that the warrior in the foreground might be the leader, as he is illuminated and yet, we can notice that those in the background are seated upon their beasts of battle in the same way – this is an army of equality, lead only by Truth.

Nine is a number representing completeness or resolution and Wands is the suit of passion, creativity and fire. As a totem for the energy of the coming eclipse, I am anticipating a movement of social unity and a reclamation of power being ignited. We have ALL had enough and we are ALL going to take a stand, together.

Accepting Our Divine Birthright

Black Dragon from Saturn | Dragon Oracle Deck

Now, just because we are accepting Divine support, reintegrating the Divine feminine and taking a stand to defend all of humanity from the ego of the few doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy from here on out. To the contrary, we are being told to get serious about our discipline.

If we are to bring about a new era of peace it is going to require that we also bring about an era of self-governance – and that has to start within each of us, individually. I cannot do the work for you, you cannot do the work for me – we all have to do the work for ourselves, with the understanding that this very personal work is what will make the biggest difference for others.

True freedom is only available through actualizing diversity. By you taking on your own Divine purpose and working faithfully on your own self-mastery, I am free to focus on my own Divine purpose and self-mastery. No one of us can fulfill all purposes, nor were we ever intended to “be/do everything,” and that’s what makes being a part of humanity so great, there’s enough of us to meet all of our dynamic needs.

This card is also one of congratulations, as these dragons do not come to assist us with our mastery unless we are already applying ourselves. So take joy in this recognition that you have been working hard to clear the false beliefs and densities that have kept you from personal mastery before, and be encouraged, because even though the work isn’t done yet we are now recieving significant cosmic help!

All for the Exultation of LOVE

Dusty Pink Dragon from Andromeda | Dragon Oracle Deck

This final card for our weekly reading seals up all of these messages with Divine Love. No matter what, it is this purest energy that will sustain and provide for us. All else must and will fall away.

As we undergo these great changes and transformations this week (and year,) learning to master ourselves and serve our world, feel yourself being bathed in love and release everything else to be transmuted by this most holy of vibrations. You are love. I am love. We are love.

We are not alone in our desire to save this planet from our excessive consumption, and we are being supported to rise above these conditions of lack and fear. If there should be moments of overwhelm and defeat, tune in again to love and remember the true infinity of possibilities.

If you are tired, rest. If you are stressed, relax. If you are sick or wounded, heal. If you are trying to rationalize the irrationality of our world, meditate instead. It isn’t all up to you to fix things, but it can only be you who does these loving things for yourself. We can’t give anything to the world that we ourselves don’t have, so start with loving you and watch this Divine contagion spread.

Blessed be my beloveds, may you all find yourself enraptured by the Divine this week and become fully impassioned by Love!

Tarot and Oracle Card Spread for the week of January 6th – 12th 2019

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