Hey from the road! On my way to meet my brother for lunch and then HW and I are headed to the Dells for the night.

I did bring my handy New Palladini deck though and have drawn cards for the week ahead! Yup, you’ve got it, this is going to be a weekly trend!

Continued Internal Exploration of Values

XXI The World, reversed (The New Palladini Tarot Deck)

If you recall my reading last week, we were invited to explore the conditions we put on our happiness and joy when The Sun was pulled reversed. This week we are continuing that trend with another Major Arcana card being pulled reversed right off the bat: XXI The World. This card represents success, freedom and having “the world on a platter.” We are being asked to think about what achievement, abundance and variety really mean to us now too.

Who told you to think the way you do about success? When did you first start forming the ladders up to your dreams and why? How much of your goals are truly authentic and how much are based on the examples or expectations of others?

I channeled once that we “can artfully and beautifully design each detail of the distance between us and our enlightenment, but it’s still our enlightenment.” Often we can be the ones getting in our own ways in life because we want to follow a perception or standard rather than just accept how it is and give thanks for it. Which leads me to the next draw:


Nine of Pentacles (The New Palladini Tarot Deck)

The next card to show up echoes the support and encouragement of the universe we’re always graced with: the Nine of Pentacles. This card acts us to consider our bounty, priviledges and blessings.

What is it that brings us comfort at the end of a long work day? Who’s sweetness helps to melt away the bitter edges of life? What are the little things that make our moments meaningful and memorable?

We’re being asked to notice what’s truly filling in our lives and appreciate that richness. This is how we assist the universe in manifesting more of it and how we share it with the world.

Start small, just be grateful. For yourself. For your past. For your love. For your friends. For your pets. For your breath. Anything. Everything.

This type of energy awareness portends well for the continuation of Jupiter’s transit across the Galactic center this week too. Gratitude is the most fertile soil for hopes and dreams because it contains within it all the ingredients, including the awareness of the effort, hard work and struggle any achievement takes. Give whatever you want to have grow in your life the fertilizer of your attentions and affections.

The Gift of Self-Awareness

King of Cups (The New Palladini Tarot Deck)

Perhaps this vulnerable and emotionally charged astrological season seems to be at the absolute worst timing, but it’s truly a gift. We’ll not be bringing so much baggage home with us these coming holidays. We’ll get to be more present, forgiving and genuine with our loved ones for having done the deep, raw work of the heart ourselves.

In this way, we are all becoming masters. Not to any superficial, popularity contest standard, but rather through real and lasting energetic alchemy. It starts with us. This is what we’ve been preparing for.

What graces or compassion have you recently learned to give yourself or your loved ones that you can now been to extend even further? How can you allow your lessons to teach others? How can your healing inspire others?

The Power of Subtle Influences

Observe the ways your energy and emotions influence and inspire your realities this week. It isn’t always what we think or say that affects others or our lives the most.

Are you the captain of your ship, or is someone/something else steering for you across these oceans of life? Are you being impactful in the ways you want to be? Are you the person you most respect, and if not, why not?

Now’s the time for making some decisions before Neptune turns direct next week. Pay attention, make it count, start noticing what intentions/power moves would be most potent and effective – and stay mindful that they may be the most subtle and gentle options too.

Weekly Divination Spread: November 18th – 24th 2019