I’m not your typical “girly girl.” I don’t like romcoms and Valentine’s Day has always come and gone without much care from me either way. I’ve never been seeking the “one” and don’t believe in marriage… So, what the heck am I doing talking about romance?!

My boyfriend and I just celebrated a year together this month. Neither of us could figure out the exact day we started dating but figured “~ late January” was a safe time to celebrate regardless (yes, even together we’re still that couple).

We’re pretty cute though right?!

We went to The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs, CO and enjoyed a couple of nights right by some of my favorite Hot Springs.

The Springs Resort from across the river

I had fond memories of visiting this hot springs growing up, and even though it’s a bit far away (4+ hours drive) I thought it would be a fun little trip for us. After visiting some of the places Harry enjoyed as a kid this past fall in Wisconsin, it seemed suited that I share a bit of fun from my childhood with him too.

Harry looking out at the springs from the Cafe

They have indeed changed quite a but since I had been there as a kid, adding a VIP section, the resort accommodations and the spa, but my favorite elements were all still there. A coy pond with a bridge you can walk across, the natural rock pools painted with the various minerals bubbling up through the springs, and the river pools – all still intact and as lovely as I remembered…

Another glimpse of the setting at The Springs

Truly, what made the biggest difference was the company though. It was such a lovely experience to be there as an adult with my lover… As much as this experience stuck with me as a kid, I am sure it will be all the more special for me now.

Harry is thoughtful, attentive and sweet. We’re not a perfect couple, but we’re learning each other’s quirks, confronting and adjusting bit by bit… and the man spoils me, which certainly doesn’t hurt my affections for him either.

Kissing break on the drive home from Pagosa
Us being our silly selves together
Aaand us being our very “adult” selves…

It was romantic. Despite our quirks and oddities, and as unconventional as we may seek to be, it was all the more romantic for its authenticity…

I got to be me, unapologetically. Even a bit whiny about the cold… even a bit picky about food… even a bit slower than Harry getting ready…

Sure, we’re not the same person and sometimes that makes things difficult or we feel misunderstood – but we are learning… and that I think is the most truly romantic thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Thank you Harry, I love you.

The continental divide viewed from the plains of SW Colorado

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  1. Awe!! Sounds like a wonderful trip! You two are Awesome! Thanks for sharing. You forgot to mention the philosophical bond you share…lol!

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