Here’s an old song, written by another mayryanna who was married to a man she thought she might die for… Fortunately she was saved and has become a new person entirely, but the past still remains, and thus these words and refrains live on

More than I could ever Promise

Remembering those crazy things we’ve said and done

Back in the day, screaming face, a loaded gun

We gave it our all, the blood, sweat, and tears, dripping with passion and unspoken fears – but oh it was real, it was real, it was real

And oh we were crazy in love, and we were so angry in love – 

We were madly, madly, madly – we were so mad to be in love

And we were insanely in love, no we just couldn’t get enough

Even if we didn’t know it then…

The stitches came out and the bruises healed, it was time for fun

Popping and smoking, couldn’t stop driving toward th’ sun

We just had to try, the pills, drinks, and lies, ignoring all reason and cautionary cries – 

But oh it was real, it was real, it was real

And oh we were daring in love, and we were so nasty in love – 

We were badly, badly, badly – yea we were bad to be in love

And we were so tragically in love, we just couldn’t get enough

Even if we should’ve known it then…

Waiting at home, the call didn’t come ’til 5am

Thrashing and screaming, the pain more real than it had ever been

I’d promised you then, as I’ve promised you now, never to leave, I’m holding it down –

And oh it is real, it is real, it is real

And oh I am patient in love, and I am faithful  in love – 

Even when sadly, sadly, sadly – it is so sad to be in love

And I am unwavering in love, I could never get enough

And baby don’t we know it now

And maybe at one time, they were only words, but I know now beyond all doubt that it’s true – and when you ask me if I love you, you know exactly what I’ll say

More baby, more baby, more than I could ever promise baby 

‘Cause this is real, this is real, it’s so real

And oh we are so happy in love, and we are enjoying our love – 

We are gladly, gladly, gladly – yea we are glad to be in love

And we are completely in love, we will never get enough

No, no, no, I just can’t get enough-

I’ll never, never, never have enough-

Of you…

The tattoo on my right hip, in Italian, translated: “… more than I can infinitely promise”

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