Perhaps you’ve noticed that the website has transformed, once again. If you’ve been a reader for any length of time now, you have seen this happen many times and may be wondering why.

After all, this type of inconsistent online presence behavior goes against every tenet of branding and marketing out there. “Stay consistent,” “focus on being recognizable” and “when people see your branding they should feel assured and comfortable” are not uncommon tips to find around the bloggosphere – but, their not for me.

Optimal Mastery isn’t about trying to make people comfortable. It’s not even about collecting readers or followers. No, Optimal Mastery’s purpose is much more transparent, vulnerable and raw then that.

That’s why the site changes so often, it’s a reflection of myself. I am always changing, transforming and reinventing mayryanna, and so, it feels most authentic when my blog does these somersaults too.

If you’re looking for carefully controlled consistency, meticulously manicured media and steadily streamed standards – LOOK ELSEWHERE! Optimal Mastery won’t ever settle.

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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