I’ve been a little bit annoyed with myself lately
and I’ve been taking that out on all of you

Running out of reasons to keep running
maybe it’s the wheel – I can’t go faster

I’m wishing things were different
the existential common feather

Frustrated by my own foolishness
yet dependent on my ego to survive

‘Round and round I’ve been winding
hoping it was up to fly, sky high

Without liftoff though, I’m plummeting
Creating my own treacherous tomb

Why can’t I stop?

Let go of proof

Surrender fully

Water on the grass evaporating too soon
Damn up the river, choke down stream

All these ideals and expectations thieving
sucking the very life out of moments

Will I forever be the aimless wonderer
deluded by my somber ego’s vices?

Or might I suffer the fate of hero
swept up evermore in games of chance?

Why must I persuade any true thing?
If I mustn’t, I pray you leave me to see it –

My dallying spirit, like a child in wildflowers
refuses to rush irritated to the grave

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