Another old poem, but this one is just from a couple years ago:

you conflict me 

each and every

time – has nothing 

on the way you

play with my mind

before, now and

I’m sure again

I’ll be surprised by

the look of your

eyes, your smile

truth is: I love you 

maybe more than

I want to – because

having you would

be so easy, in theory

I value you too

much yet, I want

more than I should

if I was really just

a good friend

I’m afraid of what

you could do to me

but I desire to let

you destroy that

timidity in my heart

truth is: I have always

kept this secret

from you – for you

because you and

I can’t – can we?

do you think there

is freedom in 

surrendering to

possibilities of

our brokenness?

truth is: I care

more than would

be wise if I had

hope of remaining 

detached from us

truth is: I love you

truth is: I need your

happiness more

than my own and

truth is: I’m scared

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