It is the dawn of a new era for this blog – the Transparent Chaos Era perhaps. I’m still putting up nice little poetry fences and vague walls here and there sooo…. Let’s do this, for real.

Face time with me EVERY DAY. Throughout April at least, to be reevaluated at the end of the month but consistant until then… In all my messy, growing glory! It’s going to be pretty loose standards, just as long as I post a timely personal video of some sort to the blog each day I’ll be happy – long/short, serious/silly, doesn’t matter as long as I do it – so, look forward to nonesense and sense a like!

NOTE: yes, I meant to say that we are passed the threshold into the waining gibbous (not the waxing gibbous of this past full moon) in the video. Yay for being unscripted!

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