“Rest.” That’s what the Universe told me last night as I did a personal Tarot reading for 2020.

After looking at the Astrology and casting cards for each of the 12 months I was feeling as fired up as ever, ready to take on what was surely going to be another epic year. “Rest, relax, heal and meditate -” that’s what’s expected of me this year, and not only that.

What I can expect from the Divine? “Obstacles being removed, the path made clear and blessings abundantly given.”

Now, I thought I had faith and when I first saw the messages coming through it felt as though my whole body lightened. Today though I’ve begun to realize the actuality of this call – I have to learn how to rest and relax.

Healing? Got that, do more plant medicine and Kundalini – check! Meditation? Sweet! Sadhana, mantra, walking… Bring it on! But rest? Like, when? Or – how? For how long? Relax? Like, at a spa?

So far it’s been interesting, and at times I’ve been at a loss as to how to integrate this – but I’m beginning to see a pattern emerge in the commission: trust. I need to relinquish my sense of control and simply allow the Spirit to move through me, trusting that whatever need be will be.

So – more on all that soon I’m sure. For now though, rest. Real, sleep-rest at that!

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