mindless sensory stimulation

escaping from reality

too much

it always feels like too much

I overdose to forget


wake me up when it’s all over

wanna check out and just go

help me overcome brutal nature

preoccupied with unknowns

going shallow

subconsciously avoiding depth

I’m noticing my patterns


I know my true power

I allow things to expand

I’m waking up and it’s all over

gonna cash out and just go

learning to love fragile nature

romancing the unknowns

handle it

I’ll do more than just handle it

there’s creation in my blood

love it

beyond all growing expansiveness

I’m embracing boundlessness

I’m awake and it’s not over

no getting out of endless go

finally honoring dynamic nature

surrendering to unknowns

like poetry

at half past one in the morning

breaking all the rules again

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