Searching for the source
of spaciousness within
ever extending vacancy 
tumbling over boundless horizons 

Scrying through tears
falling steady internally 
for long lost memories 
of innumerable separated lifetimes 

Like grief this shreads
hearts to bloody meat
and painful reminders
are reducing forms to matter in me

Waiting inevitabilities
lingering in outskirts 
of distracting thoughts 
in my super seeded consciousness 


I almost have a stomach ache 
I almost have a headache
I almost have a heart ache –
all I really have is the space in between 

All I have ever had
All I will ever have
All I am – in between –
the clash and BOOM of duality’s dance

An endless expanse 
of could- or would-be’s
explorable as eternity –
yet only one love for truth as guidance 

This is me, waiting
becoming, undoing –
playing my whole story
instead of rewinding or fast forwarding

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