I just watched a news segment about a retiree who volunteers to take naps with cats at his local shelter. He’s become a sensation and has helped raise over 100k for the shelter by becoming a viral sensation. All by taking naps with kitties. All without trying.

This is the type of thing the universe keeps showing me lately, ways in which things work out, just because. I’m still mulling over my “rest and relax” commission from the Divine for 2020, but little signs like Mr. Cat Nap help.

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Can I Really Succeed without Trying?

I once wrote a poem with the lines: “you cannot fail if the goal is failing / you also cannot succeed -” and I’m reminded of that feeling now. Stepping outside of the playbook and the game altogether, not breaking “rules” because I don’t recognize any…

The memory contained in that poem feels dangerous – but not this feeling, not now – this is different… This isn’t rebellion, it’s acceptance.

I won’t succeed. I won’t do anything. It’s not about me.

I won’t fail either though, because it isn’t a competition and I have nothing to lose. I’m not gambling, I’m reveling. The Divine something beyond the logical choice, the closest description possibly optimal…

Not as Simple as Doing Nothing

The irony of it all is, it’s not like the most restorative, relaxing, healing and meditative life contains nothing. I still have to live, caring for myself and my loved ones, expressing the curiosity and creativity of my soul, enjoying and trusting in the Divine…

I’ve had trouble with procrastination my entire life, yet now, as I am commissioned to rest and relax – I find myself delightfully stimulated. Strangely, for many of the things I’ve struggled to maintain enthusiasm for in the past.

I’m talking to more of my friends, reaching out and opening up. I’m cooking with more enthusiasm and care. I’m sleeping better. I have more energy and clarity. I’m excited about life and feeling grateful organically.

Things are still getting done. I haven’t been suddenly overcome with inherent laziness and entitlement… It’s almost as if all of the pressure I was putting on myself was the most taxing element in my life – and without it everything is just running better

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Nurturing the Courage to Believe

I’m only a few days in, but so far this radically daring faith I’ve been called to is having cascading rebalancing effects throughout my entire life. The calm is palpable, the peace is tangible, the joy is consuming – and I am grateful.

I’m so excited to have no idea what’s next. I cannot wait for the next big turn or twist! I feel as though I’m already flying – the Divine the invisible force on which I rise – soaring on the currents and gusts with trust that my wings were designed to dance with these trappings of air…

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