what’s happening to me

feels like a destiny too big

evermore expanding out

chasing the horizons beyond

I don’t know the questions 

to ask to get these answers 

yet my ears are ever burning 

my soul ever singing songs

I’m a fool, tired and afraid 

I’ve got no home to make

an old soul gypsy medicine

poison when mixed with greed 

unleashed like tragedies 

I know my terrifying potential 

my heart aching for my will

to somehow overpower apathy

I wish I could tell you I’m innocent 

but then again, that would be a lie 

I’m letting go of letting doubts in

even if it makes me unpopular –

So long I neglected my power

always ready with an excuse

now I’m standing naked alone

in formidable, unwavering Truth

So without any further delay

I’m ready to face the music –

start conducting my orchestra

edit my life’s soundtrack

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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