I wrote this poem a couple years ago, but as I was contemplating today’s post and Neptune turning direct, Facebook memories popped it back up across my awareness and I was transfixed on how perfectly this poem fits with the energy of today. As you read below, put the poem in the voice of Neptune himself, as though he is speaking straight to your soul. Come into full awareness of your emotional body, feel the ways you have abandoned yourself and your truth. Recollect the pieces, choose what will remain yours, and go forward from today with renewed wholeness and sovereignty. Blessed be my beloveds!

You empty yourself out
on the floor in front of
me – you are so sure that
something must be missing
If only I’d assist you
help you fill up this gape
and yet, I do nothing –

I offer you no hand
to help you tidy your
mess – chaos of longing
panic not affecting the
pain, unchallenged by me
Acknowledged instead, as
necessary for strength

Call me cruel and heartless
as my own heart still bleeds
dripping – crimson memoirs
of a life you abandoned
of a child that used to be
“I” – now terrifyingly
a person unafraid

I will not pick up your
pieces – or offer them
comfort I cannot give
Not for fear of falling
Not for sorrow of loss
Yet with love for flying –
belief in rising up

Without your depths of hurt
my heights of joy remain in
lack of proper comparison
So I know, the kindest
the most blessed response
is letting you try too
Integrate, overcome –

Pick up those pieces, or
leave them all there to rot
Regardless, they’re yours
I’ve chosen my burdens
selected my pain carefully
I will no longer sacrifice
my soul for your fears

Are you worth your own care?
Are you deserving of
giving yourself your love?
If not, how could mine ever
help, or even hope to
matter? You’re manifesting
Your “owned” “reality”

Take your care and give your
love – I need neither one
I am my own “enough”
Focus not on what lacks
find instead what remains
Your truth is something –
I cannot create for you

Lessons to learn that I
can’t participate in
I am not your teacher
I am not your guide or
even your friend. As is –
I am my own, as you are –
only yours in the end

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