I’d say I wish I never hurt you
though, I’m at that place again

nothing makes sense, &
I’m at peace –

I can never know what I create
the way anyone else does

I cannot share my own fracture
the way others can

everybody just wants a witness
is anyone paying attention to me?
am I important enough to listen to?
do you believe I’m deserving of love?

walk around with our hands in our pockets
can you spare some validation?

I’d really like some change but I –
there’s no getting my hands out, sorry.

not realizing that they are their own
most volatile, inconsiderate enemy
most devoted, beloved, & trusted end

hello, toes.
foot, other foot –

how quickly one can fall in love
how sweet to know thy beloved’s heart –
     the rhythm

the depth of intradesire & vision
I know myself in a way I could never
create for anyone

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