little girl, crying in the dirt parking lot of a church over a skinned knee you managed to get playing red rover
You end up falling off a boulder in Death Valley in a dozen years, laughing out loud as you discover all the bruises and scratches with your friends later by the campfire light
tormented 20 year old virgin, mind always racing with unanswered questions, fear ever brooding in your heart
You have your first threesome, and then your first foursome, the summer you’ll spend traveling after you turn 27
sweet darling of thirteen, writing out a list of attributes for your perfect man with your best friend: ‘godly, hard worker, patient…’
You fall into the hopeless romance of your life with a criminal, both knowing and unknowingly – you’ll divorce him six years later without any regrets, but with plenty of secrets
innocent baby, not more than eleven – throwing up dozens of pills; all alone in a big house on a lonely mountain with only guilt and shame to guide you
You live –

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