So, I’m trying something different. I have just gotten the opportunity to go read poetry at a burner festival next week! Given that my last trip resulted in messy blog posting due to inconsistent cell service and WiFi accessibility, I am going to be creating extra and scheduling posts this week to be published while I’m at the festival. So, this is a test post of sorts, to see how things will go.

With my retreat coming up, it will be nice to have this system worked through already too because I will be largely avoiding all internet/connections while I’m am there, even if they are available. Yay for adventures in daily blogging! And special thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Maria at Made in Cosmos for her example of this posting technique.

The glory of a soul-filled day

I’m good and tired, more in my body than my mind. It’s a nice change that’s been ever creeping in on my life. Working out early mornings with my friend 2-3 times a week (including this morning) and fitting in local hikes here and there for the past few weeks (including a birthday hike up Bailey Mountain last night)… Beginning my Sadhana and dieta today… Getting back to yoga for the first time today… Well, now I’m very sore!

I don’t now how I managed to pile all of these things together in less than 24 hours, but it was my birthday yesterday and I did have people telling me to do whatever I want… I’m just not used to wanting all that activity!

Don’t get me wrong, this energy change and focus shift was fabulous, but… I’m not used to it.

And I haven’t been this sore in a while! Speaking of…

Unwinding creatively

Since I had the opportunity (and got curious about making a video with Canva), I give you an even clearer glimpse into my life, my audaciously vulnerable charms and how I creatively layer meaning and intention into my experiences. Join me for my Ritual Bath this evening (last night, haha – my awkward attachment to honesty amuses me):

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